Enterprise Voice Products

1. What are the Voice products available from GupShup? 

GupShup offers three Voice products.

OBD – Outbound Dialing is the ideal platform to help you announce new products, new
deals, new store opening etc. to your customers. You can communicate to the
customers in their language and hence deliver the message effectively.

Missed Call Alerts – Is a great mechanism to generate leads. Consumers love it because
it comes at zero cost to them. Statistics show that response rates are the greatest with
missed call alerts.

Call Forwarding - Is also a mechanism for generating leads. With Call Forwarding, leads
are directly patched to your call center.

2. How can I get credits for Voice products? 

The concept of credits is not yet included with the enterprise platform. # of voice OBD  calls, # of missed call alerts or # of call forwards will be determined based on the rate  plan negotiated between you and our sales team member.

3. Can I get a demo for GupShup Voice products?

Yes your customer can be provided with a FREE demo of the Voice products.

• OBD 
o Customer provides GupShup with up to 10 non-NCPR numbers
o Support will schedule the time and run a demo with a sample clip or a clip  provided by the customer.

• Missed Call Alerts
o GupShup provides a number 022-xxxxxxxx to the customer(this number is  temporary)
o Customer can place up to 10 missed calls to this number(022 –xxxxxxxx)
o If the customer has an enterprise account, the missed call alerts reporting  tab will be enabled to show the demo report. If not the demo report will be sent to the customer by mail.

• Call Forwarding 
o The customer provides a non-NCPR number (for demo purposes only) for call forward.
o Support will patch GupShup number (temporary) to the call forward  number provided by the customer.
o Calls placed to GupShup number for the duration of the demo will be patched directly to the customer’s call forward number.

4. How do I sign-up for a Missed Call Alerts, Call Forward and OBD? 

Contact your sales manager for a FREE demo and for details of the rate plans.

5. How can I run a Missed Call Alert campaign? 

Once you sign-up, you will be allotted a “Missed Call” number from our pool of
numbers. This number will be available to you for ONE month from the date of sign-up.
You can publish this number with any media campaign (print, TV, radio etc.). Direct
interested users to respond by giving a missed call to the number published.

If you are an existing customer, our customer support team will enable the “Missed Call Alerts” reporting tab with your current enterprise account. If not they will create an enterprise account for you. You will be able to view missed call alert leads generated in real time, on this tab.

6. Will the Missed Call Alert number allotted be dedicated to my customer? How long will it be 
valid for this customer? 

Yes. The Missed Call Alert number allotted will be dedicated to the customer for
duration of one month from the date of sign-up.

7.What is the validity of the Call Forward number allotted? 

The Call Forward number allotted will be dedicated to the customer for duration of the

8.Can we make a request for a specific number? What are the charges? 

Yes. We have a set of vanity numbers. Customer will need to pay an additional charge of
Rs.500 per month to be allotted a vanity number. Also this number can be allotted only
if it is not already booked by another customer.

9.Can customer use his own number for Missed Call Alerts? 

No. Customer should use a number from the pool of numbers for Missed Call Alerts.

10.Is there a limit on the number of leads that can be generated?

No. There is no limit on the number of leads that can be generated per campaign.
However, the customer will be charged on a per lead basis beyond the number of “free
leads available with the Missed Call Alerts pack purchased by him. For more details,
refer the rate card.

11.Can I obtain real time campaign reports? 

Yes. Once your account is enabled on the enterprise, you can login using your enterprise

login credentials to view the Missed Call reporting UI. The UI will show alerts in real

12.Can I setup a default Missed Call Alert reply? How will I be charged for this default reply?

Yes. You can request an SMS reply for missed call alerts. Support team will configure this
with your account. These SMS responses will not be charged.
Note that SMSs sent will be delivered to both NCPR and Non-NCPR numbers.


Duration [Secs]
OBD Picked 10KNA1000040.05 p/msg180 daysRs. 4,500
OBD Picked 50KNA5000037.02 p/msg180 daysRs. 20,800
OBD Picked 100KNA10000035.15 p/msg180 daysRs. 39,500
42.00 p/msg180 days
Rs. 472

VOICE Dialled

Duration [Secs]
OBD Dialled 10KNA1000024.92 p/msg180 daysRs. 2,800
OBD Dialled 50KNA5000023.14 p/msg180 daysRs. 13,000
OBD Dialled 100KNA10000020.47 p/msg180 daysRs. 23,000
27.00 p/msg180 days
Rs. 303

SMS Price

Delivery Time
Total Messages
Promotional 100KNA10000020.00 p/msg365 daysRs. 22,472
Promotional 300KNA30000020.00 p/msg365 daysRs. 67,416
Promotional 500KNA50000020.00 p/msg365 daysRs. 1,12,360
20.00 p/msg365 days
Rs. 3,000

Voice marketing – An economical and engaging solution